Monday, 12 November 2012

A Cheesy Philly Ditty

this is a blog post all about how,
My trip through the States went through Philly town,
I'd like to take a minute - just sit right there,
I'll tell you what we did in the city and who we met there.

bell end
  In east Philadelphia we went to stay,
With an actress who played a lesbian back in the day,
Chilled out, sightsaw, checked a broken Liberty bell,
Ate a Jim's cheese steak; Provolone 'stead of Whizz goes down rather well.

very tasty

 Then a couple of nights, we went out in the 'hood,
Got a taste for tall margaritas; the jalapeno was particularly good,
There was one little bar where we got a lot of stares,
Leah turned to me and said, 'it's 'cause you got salsa in your hair'.

our mate Baz
We got invited on-set 'round seven or eight,
Seeing a TV show get made, watching what make-up can create,
I did the famous Rocky run, I flew up those stairs,
Jumping at the peak, yelling Adrian! and punching the air,

we did it together

I looked out at Philly, glad to finally be there,
To have hot water, light and wifi after the NYC/Sandy nightmare.


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