Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Election Day in the US of A

I, along with the rest of the world,  am rooting for a Democrat win to be announced tomorrow in the United States of America on November 7th 2012. 
CNN's Election Night coverage is flashing across my face as I loll about on the sofa in my uncle's Baltimore home, slowly digesting a delicious Olive Garden dinner. The channel, its political allegiance refreshingly balanced, is forecasting numbers from around the country, which indicate the race for the White House is basically neck and neck.

When Obama won the top job in 2008, it was clear many people were pinning an awful lot on his abilities during his term in office. They wanted him to cook, clean, balance the books, stop feuding with the neighbours, support the kids at football practice then drive them to Kumon and cello lessons, all the while holding down a full-time job as a cordon bleu-ing rocket scientist at NASA. In four years bro. Obama may not have answered all of America's hopes and dreams in his first tenure, but solid policies, with heart and honesty at their core, (such as his attempts to form a US version of the NHS. How can free, universal healthcare be a bad thing?) take time to come into effect. It's only in hindsight that people will realise how good a President he is.


I got a Romney supporter to explain his views to me. Why would you put your faith in the economy, the health of the country and ultimately the easiness if your life, in the dastardly duo of Romney and Ryan? A man who supports the claim that rape is a legitimate contraceptive and is viciously against gay marriage? Lawrence* said he was against the decision to bail out General Motors using taxpayer's money, thought Romney's policies and goals were far more transparent than Obama's, was fed up with the President borrowing trillions from other nations that the US had no chance of paying back.

He also explained the 'DREAM Act', a bill which he thought was an obvious ploy to win the Latino vote. The 'DREAM Act' allows bright young illegal immigrants to continue in the public school system and get an all-American education, so long as they are not busting caps in anyone's ass or getting into trouble with the law. If it is a ploy to win more votes, it doesn't seem a bad one. Stay out of crime and we'll give you an education. Sounds alright to me.

proud voter uncle
CNN is still relaying presidential election figures tighter than a pair of lime-green hotpants on Copacabana beach at midday between Obama and Romney. The Republicans have a slight lead at the moment. However, the Obama campaign looks set to have an easier path across the States to the 270 electoral votes it needs to win the Presidency.

IT'S SO CLOSE. A wise-looking expert being interviewed on screen believes Obama will stay in power SO LONG AS Romney doesn't conquer Florida or Ohio. Obama is winning a lot of swing states but in others he's nose-to-nose with Romcat.
We've got a good couple of hours to go until the official winner of the Race to the White House is handed his crown, sash and sceptre. But the victor could be contested and take up to ten days to completely clarify.


(Just heard that Obama is projected to win the Presidency for another four years. It's not official yet, but it's as good as in the bag. Fantastic! We were so close to the end of the world just then)

Well done America. You chose well.


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